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We have clubs in eight countries across four continents. Explore our clubs around the world. 

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Sports Pavilion is creating a  supremacy to make a name in the recreational and fitness industry. Expanding to a vast portion of the country’s population, we are equipped with exhilarating activities for individuals and groups at our site. Not only this, we follow the latest security and safety levels to maintain our top-notch standards. Visit our location and see the impact we are trying to create.

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Three things. You’ll notice them every time you walk through your club’s door. 

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Setting new benchmarks for the Fitness Industry

Look no farther than Sports Pavilion, if you’re seeking for an amazing time full of excitement and adventure with friends, family, or alone. The pleasure never stops with our 20+ activities.


Over 20 exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities

At the Sports Pavilion, we offer over 20+ activities ranging from gym to bowling, snooker, and much more, some of which are seen here. Please see the Activities section for a complete list.



Ali Imran (Islamabad, PAK)

Very impressive, such variation of equipment, keeps all ages entertained. Excellent ambiance and viewing platform. Would love to visit again.

Hania Haq (KHI, PAK)

What an awesome place! It’s more than just an indoor theme park, as there are loads of other activities. The staff are a credit to themselves. I love good service and these guys have got it right!

Fahad Khan (Lahore, PAK)

Had a fab afternoon here with my girls and their friends. Another visit will definitely be happening soon. Staff were very helpful and happy to help the children.

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